Excel Gymnastics
Building more than just strong bodies
Excel Gymnastics
Building more than just strong bodies

How do I register?

You can register for classes online by clicking HERE

If you are unsure which class to place your child in, give us a call at (907)-357-3935 and our office staff will be happy to help

What is gymnastics?

Artistic gymnastics is a discipline of gymnastics in which athletes perform short routines (ranging from approximately 30 to 90 seconds) on different apparatus, with less time for vaulting. Artistic gymnastics is a popular spectator sport at the Summer Olympic Games and in other competitive environments.

What is the difference between recreational and competitive gymnastics?

Both recreational and competitive gymnastics programs promote strength, flexibility, endurance, confidence, fitness and fun. While recreational (non-competitive) programs are fitting for anyone, our competitive programs require an invitation to join after being evaluated by a qualified coach

What is AllStar cheerleading?

All Star cheerleading is a competition sport that involves boys and girls performing a 2 minute and 30 second routine composed of tumbling, stunting, pyramids, dance, and cheer segments. This routine is performed and scored against other competitive teams at various local, regional, national, and worldwide competitions.

What is a rip and how do I treat it?

A rip is a separation of the upper layers of skin in the palm of the hand or around the wrists from the lower layers of blood rich tissue. Rips are a common and painful occurrence in gymnastics. When a rip occurs we recommend you wash it off with warm water, and cover it. Afterwards treat it like you would any regular cut. For a more in depth guide on treating a rip click HERE

What shoes are right for my cheerleader?

Cheer shoes should be lightweight so as not to weigh down athletes while performing tricks. The shoes should also be tight fitting so they don't fall off while performing skills. While it is not required for our Recreational cheer, shoes must be completely white if the athlete will be competing. (Boys shoes should be completely black)
For girls cheer shoes we recommend any all-white Infinity Cheerleading or Varsity Cheerleading shoe.
For boys cheer shoes we recommend Varsity Black Ascend Cheer Shoe 
If you are still unsure, you can ask our office staff who will be happy to help

What are grips and which grips are right for my gymnast?

Grips are a strip of leather that cover the palm of a gymnast's hand when performing on the uneven bars. They are usually secured by a Velcro strap or a buckle on the wrist. Most competitive gymnasts wear grips with a wooden dowel to help them grip the bar. We recommend buying Pixie Grips from Ten.O Gymnastics

Have other questions?

You can call our office at 907-357-3935

Alternatively, you can email us at ExcelGymAlaska@gmail.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible.