Excel Gymnastics
Building more than just strong bodies
Excel Gymnastics
Building more than just strong bodies

About Our:

Recreational Gymnastics

Ours boys and girls recreational gymnastics classes are one hour long beginner level classes tailored towards children 6 years and up. We offer levels 1-3, level 1 being for younger athletes who have little to no gymnastics experience, level 2 being for athletes who have a basic understanding of the fundamentals and have previous gymnastics experience. Finally, our level 3 classes are for more advanced athletes who possess the required skills for the class and show a high maturity level.

Littles Classes

We offer a range of classes for young children and toddlers. We have parent-tot, Co-ed 3-4 year old, & Co-ed 4-5 year old. The Parent-Tot and Co-ed 3-4 classes run for 45 minutes and are focused mainly on mobility and body awareness. While our Coed 4-5 class begins to teach more complex movement patterns and gymnastics skills.

Women's  Gymnastics

In our women's competitive gymnastics our athletes compete both in and out of state in USAG sanctioned meets. We currently offer levels 3-10 for Women's competitive gymnastics. These classes are invite only and can be joined upon evaluation and approval by the designated coach.

All-Star Cheerleading

We currently offer a recreational cheerleading class for athletes with little to no cheerleading experience to learn the basics of cheer. This including jumps, tumbling, stunting, and of course, Cheering! We also have two competitive All-Star Cheerleading teams. Melting point (level 2) which competes in state, and Extreme Heat (level 3). Which competes both in and out of state at a national level.

Men's Gymnastics

We currently offer level 4 Men's competitive gymnastics in addition to our recreational classes. These athletes will compete in-state at USAG sanctioned competitions. These classes are invite only and can be joined upon evaluation and approval by the designated coach.

Specialty Programs

We currently offer 4 specialty programs; Sparklers, Firecrackers, Hot Shots, and Pre-Team. These invite only classes are targeted towards younger children in the program and aim to help prepare them for a competitive team.

Tumbling Classes

We offer both beginner, and advanced tumbling. The beginner class is great for children who have little to no tumbling experience. This class will work skills such as a handstands, cartwheels, round-offs, and back handsprings. The advanced class requires the athlete has an un-spotted back handspring and focuses on more advanced skills such as back handsprings, back tucks, layouts, and twisting.

Judo Classes

Our Judo classes are excellent classes for anyone 5 years and up interested in learning fitness and respect, we also offer competitive Judo tailored towards more serious athletes. Judo translates to "The gentle way". Meaning, you use your opponents weight and balance against them rather than forcing them in a direction. Judo teaches Respect, discipline, and overall athleticism. We invite anyone interested in fitness to come try out our judo classes!